Epic, as an adjective, is defined as “heroic or grand in scale or character”.

My final day of racing the Utah Mixed Epic

Bikepacking races are often described as Epic. Whether it’s in the race title itself, or within the description of the race to hype up potential participants. This word is tossed around in the sport so much that a seasoned racer, Jesse Carlsson, joked that he would utilize the term “Eric”, as a tongue-in-cheek reference to anything that would otherwise be described as “Epic”. I liked that, let’s not take this too seriously.

When you learn about the concept, it does sound pretty epic though. The races…

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The Decision

In Decemeber 2020 I was scrolling through Instagram and saw that registration for the Kyrgystan-based Silk Road Mountain Race (SRMR) had opened up. Ever since the inaugural race in 2018, I’ve been fascinated with…

Myself, pushing my bike to the summit of Steens Mountain in Oregon. Photo by bradepnw.com

One of the aspects I love about the sport of self-supported ultra-cycling is the logistics intensive nature of it. It’s tougher than expected to find that balance between packing the necessities to survive the distance, and omitting what you don’t need to minimize the weight on your bike in order to prevent unnecessary energy expenditure. This is an overview of the equipment I chose to take on my first ultra-endurance bike race, the Steens Mazama 1000 (steensmazama1000.com). I ended up finishing in second place in 3 days and 21 hours, with an average distance cycled of 263 miles per day…

Seth DuBois

Photographer, filmmaker, and bikepacking enthusiast located in the Pacific Northwest. Host of experiencebybike.com, and owner of Ebb-Media.com.

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